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Find every review from the team at on this page. Our casino reviews cover everything you need to know about the gambling site you're interested in. We perform real tests, comparisons and research. Read more about our test methodology and scoring system or pick one of our latest reviews below.

New online casino reviews 2024

Scoring system – How to interpret our scores

The review process we’ve created is designed to comprehensively evaluate each online casino. That said, we want our scoring system to be simple and easy to understand. The lowest score we can give a casino is 0.5 and the highest is 5.0. However, you’ll never find anything with a score of less than 3.0 on our lists, as our goal is to provide you with the best new casino sites available.

Score 0.5-2.9

Generally, casinos with low scores are ones you’ll want to avoid. These scores could reflect any number of serious issues with the site or operator in question, including payout refusal, questionable RNG games, outrageous bonus terms or security measures that don’t meet our standards. You’ll never find these low-score casinos in our comparison lists.

Score 3.0-3.9

These casinos will provide you with a good experience. There might be a few issues such as bugs, crashes or a confusing user experience. But at its core, a casino with this rating is generally considered to be worth a visit if you’re looking to claim a new welcome bonus. Expect to find these sites at the bottom of our lists if available.

Score 4.0-5.0

The best of the best. These are the casinos we’re thrilled to share with you. We can guarantee that you’ll be happy with the gambling experience you get at these sites. You can expect a generous and fair welcome bonus, hundreds of quality games and popular payment methods at these online casinos. Find them at the top of our lists.

Our improved approach to casino reviews

How we approach each review is essential to produce the best content. Our test methodology allows us to consistently provide you with accurate and fair rankings.

We test each casino independently

To get the most accurate experience and results, we test each casino independently. This means that, unlike other comparison sites, we use our own funds to make deposits and try games, loyalty programs and bonus offers at each new casino to really get the true user experience.

Continuous testing and updates

Through years of testing, we’ve come to realize that things can change significantly. A casino once praised by our experts could have gone downhill since – or the other way around. To give you a more accurate picture, from time to time, we’ll go back and revisit each casino to see if they have improved, or still meet our standards. We then update our lists and reviews accordingly.

Fair and uniform benchmarks

Every test performed has to be fair, which is why we have uniform benchmarks across the board. All of the casino sites being tested go through the same rigorous process so that we can continuously produce and deliver fair and accurate reviews. Casinos are also compared to each other for additional context as well.

How we find reliable online casinos to test

Any online casino that we recommend should be one that we enjoy playing ourselves and would happily recommend to friends and colleagues. We don't want you to end up with a bad pick, an online casino you regret signing up with. To avoid any issues, we perform extensive research in order to find potential sites to test and review. To find reliable new online casinos to test, we need to:

  • Consult with expert peers and partners. They might have additional insight into the subject.
  • Audit the sites. We examine the owner and operator, and take a closer look at their policies.
  • Remain skeptical. We always double-check when we hear about a brand-new casino from an unverified source.
  • Avoid scams. We never put our testers at risk when encountering a potential scam. The casino is immediately blacklisted.

All of this is quite a time-consuming task, and certainly not something we'd want you to have to go through. That's why we exist, why we're doing it for you and why we remain a trusted and reliable source for all things gambling.