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Best Newest Casino Sites in July 2024

CasinoFull NameExpert RatingDeposit BonusPlay Now
LuckyWinsLuckyWins5.0 / 5 Up to 3000 & 300 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
PosidoPosido5.0 / 5 100% up to 500 & 200 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
SlotWolfSlotWolf5.0 / 5 300 & 200 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
GreatWinGreatWin4.9 / 5 100% up to 500 & 200 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
SpinzSpinz4.9 / 5 100% up to 300 & 100 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
BluVegasBluVegas4.7 / 5 100% up to 500 & 100 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
WinstoriaWinstoria4.7 / 5 100% up to 300 & 100 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
House of SpadesHouse of Spades4.7 / 5 100% up to 500 & 100 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
StelarioStelario4.6 / 5 100% up to 300 & 100 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!

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New Online Casinos

How we test and pick for our lists

To properly evaluate how good a new online casino is, we’ve set up a comprehensive rating process with multiple steps, covering everything from security and licensing to bonus offers and payment methods. It’s important to be thorough when real money is involved. Learn more about how we test and pick new online casinos for our lists:

  1. Licence and security – Our team verifies that the site has a proper gambling licence in place and security measures such as an SSL certificate and data encryption.
  2. Customer support – We test the support staff by asking easy and complex questions. Tests may also evaluate how we are treated as customers and account holders.
  3. Payment options and speed – We test transaction speeds for both deposits and withdrawals. In most cases, casinos with multiple payment options will have an edge.
  4. Game catalogue – Games are the bread and butter of every online casino, and we’re determined to test not only the popular slots but also the new, obscure games and categories on multiple different devices.
  5. Bonuses and promotions – By getting into the details, our team can pick out the good and fair bonus offers, while avoiding the bad ones. This is done by properly reading the bonus terms and conditions so that you don’t have to.
  6. Loyalty programs – This step will usually take the longest to complete. Sometimes to really test a VIP program, we need to play for longer periods of time. We can then evaluate if spending time and money actually unlocks useful perks that’ll help you long-term if you decide to stick with a casino.

Expert's guide to finding the best online casino

We hope you’re here to learn more because we’ve got plenty of information to share. This guide has been put together with care by casino experts. Navigating the online casino market can be exhausting but we intend to ultimately make it a breeze for our visitors.

Check out our latest guide on how to find the very best new online casinos. Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • What the difference is between playing online and offline
  • The benefits of new online casino sites
  • Types of bonuses and promotions to expect
  • Choosing between payment options
  • How to gamble responsibly online
  • and many other interesting topics

We’ve decided to write our guides in the way that we would’ve wanted to be guided when first starting out with online gambling. It’s also meant to be a way of sharing information with peers in the industry who are looking to expand their knowledge on the topic.

Don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions or feedback related to this or any other page on our website. Thanks for visiting

Types of online casinos

Online casinos have been around for quite some time now but they’ve never stopped evolving and innovating. There are multiple types of online casinos, from the more traditional kinds to the newer, streamlined and niched types.

Traditional online casinosYour regular, accessible real money online casinos. Mostly consist of a gambling licence, a few payment providers, a couple of popular suppliers and a fun bonus offer.
New online casinosNew and exciting casino sites with a gambling licence, modern technology and UI, new generous bonuses, the latest games, modern payment solutions and more.
Live casinosMuch like traditional casinos, but focused on the live aspect. This means making it feel as much like a real casino venue as possible. Lots of different live games with real live dealers, real money wins, fun promotions and real-time interactions.
Crypto casinosAs one of the latest trends, these casinos offer players to use cryptocurrency to play in new ways. Many different types of coins are supported, and unique provably fair games can be played to get a new experience. Bitcoin casinos inherit all the benefits and drawbacks that come with cryptocurrency.

Analysis: differences between playing online and offline

The online casino industry has come a long way since its inception. They’ve slowly been narrowing the gap between playing online and offline, successfully emulating the experience of playing at an actual casino venue, while maintaining all the perks that come with online play.

We’ll be covering the perks of playing at new online casinos on this page, but let’s take a brief look at the differences between online and offline play, and what we consider to be some of the benefits of playing online.

  • No dress-codes. Wear whatever you want.
  • Play anywhere, anytime. You’re not restricted to a venue.
  • No distractions from the surrounding environment.
  • Many more games to choose from.
  • Try games for free (except live) before making a deposit.
  • More payment options are accepted.

Pros and cons of playing at new casinos

While we’ve established the benefits to expect when visiting an online casino compared to a land-based one, you can also expect a few perks when choosing a completely new online casino over an older one.

It takes a lot to make it in the casino industry, and starting a new site is a proper challenge if you’re looking to actually attract players. While some people prefer staying with their favourite established casino, others are looking for new experiences. These are the players that will look for new casino sites, which in our opinion have a lot of benefits.

To further explain the point we’re trying to make, we’ve listed our top 5 reasons why new online casinos are generally better than old ones. This isn’t always the case of course, but we find it to be true most of the time in this industry.

Modern payment solutions

To properly play at an online casino you’ll have to make a real money deposit. This is achieved by choosing a payment method, both for deposits and withdrawals. Older casino sites can sometimes be a bit restrictive when it comes to the number of payment providers they carry.

New casinos online tend to pick the most modern and popular payment methods to make your registration process as smooth as possible. Some also allow crypto payments, if that’s your thing. You can almost always expect really fast deposits and payouts at a new online casino.

Claim new bonuses

Online casinos will offer bonuses as a way to give you more for your money when you make a deposit, or to make you strive to complete certain goals and earn rewards. They do this simply to get people to play more. It’s often a win-win, depending on the terms.

Joining a new casino makes you eligible for a first deposit bonus, also known as a welcome bonus. This tends to be the most lucrative and generous type of casino bonus with a catch – it can only be claimed once. By jumping from one new casino to another, you can keep claiming their most generous promotions. It’s become sort of a trend among seasoned players to get the most out of their deposits.

Focus on customer satisfaction

There are very few times these days that a newly launched casino doesn’t do everything it can to satisfy the customer’s needs. Reputation is everything and a bad one will keep players away, which is just bad for business.

We expect new casino sites to have excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff, and multiple contact options. This is of course true for older casinos as well, but new ones have that extra pressure on them to get it just right.

Themed websites

Another trend to keep a casino fresh is to give it an interesting theme. New casinos can design their entire website around some specific theme, all the way down to the VIP program and gamification system. Sci-fi, fantasy, dogs, vikings, mythology or certain eras. You can expect just about any theme these days.

Mobile friendly and trendy

Any gambling site created in modern times should be designed for mobile from the ground up. An overwhelming amount of players are playing on mobile these days and it’s paramount that they get the best possible experience.

Focusing on mobile devices is not the only trendy thing new casinos are doing. VR (virtual reality) is another new trend, and some online casinos will offer games that require VR headsets. Cryptocurrency is also popular with many players, so we’ve been seeing more crypto casinos appear as of late. There’s always a new trend around the corner.


It’s important to look at both the upsides and downsides of playing at a new casino. We’ve concluded that there aren’t a lot of downsides specifically tied to new online casinos.

In rare cases, some new sites may have skimped on their customer service and outsourced their support staff, which of course is less than ideal. We avoid recommending such casinos anyway.

You’ll also want to consider the common potential downsides of gambling, such as addiction and losing money. It’s important to gamble responsibly.

Are players still sticking with old casinos?

What do the majority of players actually prefer then? Older, established casinos or completely new, modern ones? It depends on what you’re looking for in a casino.

It’s common these days for people to want to claim as many new welcome bonuses as possible. This makes new online casinos more attractive, as jumping from one to another is a surefire way to get as much extra money out of your deposit as possible.

However, there are still a lot of players that choose to stick to their old faithful. It might be because they’ve consistently earned a lot of payouts, generally trust the operator or simply enjoy the games and rewards available. Some may stick to an operator rather than a specific established casino, as they tend to operate all of their casinos similarly.

Unsafe casinos to avoid

In order to remain a trusted source for new online casinos, we can’t just recommend any operator we come across, which other comparison sites might do. We’re currently keeping track of untrustworthy casinos with questionable practices, potentially rigged games or unfair bonus terms and conditions.

This is done via an internal blacklist, which gets added to whenever a casino doesn’t meet our standards, or when a player has contacted us about issues and we’ve been able to verify them.

New bonus offers

Players who’re looking for new casino bonuses will find new casinos to be especially intriguing. There are multiple types of bonuses and bonus terms to keep track of. Hopefully, with the help of our brief explanation below, you’ll get a better understanding of what to expect and simultaneously improve your decision-making.

  • Welcome bonus/first-deposit bonus – The first bonus you can claim at a new casino, usually tied to your first deposit. It tends to be the most generous one.
  • Free spins – Free spins mean you can spin at the slots without having to spend any of your own funds. These are often given as a part of the welcome bonus, as continuous rewards for playing, as part of the loyalty program or for many other reasons.
  • No-deposit bonus – No-deposit bonuses let you claim a bonus without having to make a deposit of your own. They tend to be small and come with high wagering requirements.
  • No-wager bonus – Probably one of the most generous bonus types. No wagering means that you can get your payout after only having to wager your bonus one time, as opposed to the usual 30-60x.
  • Cashback – Cashback functions as a way to minimize your losses. Depending on how much money you potentially lose while betting, you get a certain amount back to get your back on track.
  • VIP/Loyalty program – A system that allows you to level up and earn rewards and perks that are permanently attached to your casino account. The more you spend and play, the higher level you reach, and the better rewards you acquire.

Deposit & withdrawal methods

Credit cardsE-walletsBank transferCryptocurrency
American ExpressMuchBetterWire TransferBitcoin Cash

How to pick the right payment method

You might’ve already figured out that to start playing for real money, you need to actually deposit money. To do this, you’ll need access to the payment methods available at the casino. Most modern online casinos have multiple ways of making deposits and withdrawals, giving the players more options and freedom.

Usually, it’s down to personal preference, but sometimes certain payment methods are slower or come with fees, which is why other faster and free payment options are preferred by seasoned players. Check out these tips for how to pick the right payment method for you:

  1. Some payment methods at a casino may be restricted in your country. Double-check which ones you can actually use before you create an account.
  2. Do you prefer credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers or crypto? Your preferred method or provider may not be available, check the payment options section at the casino.
  3. If possible, always use the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals, as that’ll make the process significantly smoother.
  4. Credit cards are more prone to fees and longer transaction processing times.
  5. E-wallets are usually really fast and give you more control over budgets.
  6. Bank transfers are instant and come with no extra fees, especially if you visit a casino that offers Pay N Play.
  7. Cryptocurrency transactions are decentralized and instant. Transactions are anonymous.

How deposits and payouts work

Once you’ve chosen a payment method, you’ll want to use it to make a deposit. Making your first deposit will be possible once you’ve registered an account with the casino. In some cases, you can use Pay N Play to instantly make a deposit without having to go through any lengthy account creation process.

The money you deposit becomes available as spendable funds in your casino account. You can use these funds to play games and accumulate winnings. Any first deposit bonus you claimed will usually be spent before you start spending your deposited funds.

After playing and winning real money funds, you’ll eventually be eligible for a payout. More often than not, the payment method you’re using for withdrawals is the same one you used for your deposit. Once certain terms and conditions have been met, you can get your winnings transferred to your bank account. The terms will vary from site to site.

New mobile casinos

Some of the best gambling experiences you can have these days are at new mobile casinos. The reason is that it simply merges the best of both worlds in the casino industry: the perks of mobile, and the finesse of new casinos.

A proper mobile casino site is built for smaller devices from the ground up. This includes having an intuitive user interface, smooth-running games and lucrative mobile bonuses and VIP promotions. We’ve found that most new mobile casinos will meet these standards, and the very best ones are located in our mobile casino comparison list.

Safe gambling online

We’d like to remind you about the importance of responsible gambling, and how to avoid gambling problems online. While playing online from your own home is convenient and comfortable, it might be more difficult to regulate your gambling behaviour.

There are many gambling safety tools available to help with this, and by utilizing them you can play safely and moderately. Set your own restrictions to follow to make sure that you’re not playing too much or overspending. Here are a few tips worth keeping in mind:

  • Create a gambling budget before you start playing
  • A loss is a loss, don’t try to win it back
  • Never, ever place bets with money you can’t afford to lose
  • Ask casino support staff to block you from the site if you play too much
  • Take a break from playing at least once an hour

Game providers

Supplier nameGame catalogueEstablished
Evolution Gaming200+2006
Play'n GO150+1997
Pragmatic Play250+2015

Finding enjoyable new casino games

Online casinos are all about the games! If you happen to be a new player, there’s pretty much an unlimited amount of new casino games to try, in a bunch of interesting categories.

Software providers are kept on their toes as everyone is trying to come up with new interesting ways to wow the players. Over the years we’ve seen innovations in crypto, VR, live casino games and more.

The best way to find fun new games is to know what you’re looking for. Here’s where it gets subjective. While some games have objectively better graphics, more free spins or higher win percentages, it’s up to you to find your favourites. You can always check the Hot/New section at a casino to get the latest popular additions to their game catalogue.

Where to find new sites

Unless you’ve got insider industry knowledge, finding brand-new online casinos can be a bit of a challenge. Of course, you can set up email notifications from your favourite casino operators, but aggregating it all into one place might feel overwhelming and getting the best bonus deals is a hassle sometimes. aims to provide you with, you guessed it; new online casinos. And we mean brand new, the very latest additions to the market. Get lucrative new bonuses and a fresh catalogue of casino games. We’ve got no reason not to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to new online casinos.

How to decide on which type of casino to visit

If you can’t quite decide whether you want to visit a brand-new online casino, an established online casino or a good old land-based casino, these pointers should help you choose.

Visit a new online casino if:

  • You want access to new welcome bonuses
  • You’re looking to experience new games
  • You want websites with fresh new themes
  • You prefer a strong focus on mobile compatibility
  • You think new is always better

Visit an established online casino if:

  • You want old classic games from the get-go
  • You prefer traditional payment methods
  • You don’t like change or new things
  • You’re trying to avoid bugs and glitches
  • You like having experienced customer service

Visit a land-based casino if:

  • You prefer the old, traditional casino experience
  • You enjoy going out in public places
  • You like the sound of people and machines
  • You don’t mind potential dress codes
  • You’d rather have a drink made by a professional

It's worth pointing out that they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. What you like about an online casino is subjective, too. All in all, we recommend testing different casino experiences to find the best one for you. You can also easily mix and match to get the best of both worlds.


We're tracking the number of new casinos released each month. View the table below and come back every month to stay up to date with the latest new casino releases.

Month/yearPredicted # of new casinosActual # of new casinosExpert's note
January 202413Our analysis suggests a fasts start to the year
February 2024
March 2024
April 2024
May 2024
June 2024
July 2024
August 2024
September 2024
October 2024
November 2024
December 2024

New online casinos by country

One thing is certain, and that’s that your experience will vary depending on where you live. It’s important to know how the casino industry works in your region, country or state. To make the process of finding new online casinos where you live, we’ve created a separate informational page for every English-speaking country.


Because of laws such as the Interactive Gaming Act (IGA), finding and playing at online casinos in Australia has been proven rather difficult. Instead, Australian players have had to look offshore to find proper new online casinos and fun gambling experiences.


There are no online casinos regulated in Canada. Much like other countries, Canadian players will have to search for casino sites located outside of their country. It’s completely legal and there are countless licensed and regulated casinos to visit and play at for real Canadian dollars.


Online gambling, while officially prohibited, is still legal in most parts of India. You can freely visit licensed sites outside the country and legally play slot machines, live games and take part in other gambling activities.


Players can choose to play at online casinos regulated in Ireland, or find offshore sites regulated by gambling authorities such as MGA. Every online casino operator looking to offer their services to Irish players will need to comply with the newly formed Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland.

New Zealand

New Zealand has no gambling licence of its own, which means Kiwis looking to play will have to look offshore. That said, there’s a nearly endless supply of online casinos with licences from renowned gambling authorities such as MGA.

South Africa

The National Gambling Board in South Africa restricts online casinos from conducting business. However, South African players are still legally allowed to visit and play at available offshore online casino sites.

United Kingdom

Most online casinos available in the UK will be licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Online gambling is legal in the country and British players are able to choose freely among hundreds of casino sites. Licences from Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) aren’t uncommon either.

United States

The online gambling laws in the U.S. are quite strict. Currently, gambling is only legal in certain states. On top of that, not all types of gambling are available. Some states may allow both online casinos and betting, while others may only offer one or the other. At the time of writing, the following states allow gambling online: Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

What to look forward to in 2024

We’re always looking forward to enjoying new online casinos and will continue to research and test all the latest additions to the market. Every year, we’ve got our hopes and expectations about potential new features and developments in the casino industry. Our experts have been shaking their magic 8 balls and condensed their thoughts for next year.

Our hopes:

  • Extending the time given to wager bonuses
  • Pay N Play to become the default payment method
  • More options for fast registration

Our expectations:

  • Bigger bonus offers with lower wagering requirements
  • 24-hour customer service, 7 days a week becoming standard practice
  • Mobile apps and proper responsive layout for every new casino

Alternative #1: Brand New Online Casinos by

If you're looking for the newest casinos regardless if they have been tried and tested over a longer period of time we can recommend the guide to brand new online casinos by While it's primarily intended for Canadian players we have noted that many of the casinos that they feature also accepts players from New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and many other English speaking markets. If you're not able to find a suitable casino here we suggest that you review that resource as well.

Alternative #2: New Crypto Casinos by

While we do feature a crypto casino section on our website it's not our main focus or priority. If you're looking for additional Bitcoin or other Altcoin casinos we advise that you have a look at the extensive new bitcoin casinos resource by They have reviewed many more niche casinos that are slightly out of the scope of our website and so you should be able to find whatever you're looking for there.


How do you conduct your research?

Every new online casino is tested by one or two experts from our dedicated team. Licences are verified, transaction speeds are timed, games are played, bonus terms are read and more. Read about our full process above.

Can new online casinos be trusted?

Yes. It’s important to visit a licensed casino site, even when it’s a new one. They should always have a licence in place before offering their services to the public. Check our list of recommended new online casinos to get a safe, trusted site to visit.

What bonus types are offered?

New casinos could offer any type of bonus. This includes the elusive no-deposit bonus, sought-after no-wagering bonus but also your typical match bonuses and free spins.

Do new casinos offer instant deposits and fast payouts?

Yes, you can expect to get instant deposits to your casino account. Once you’re done playing and ready to get your payout, winnings will be transferred to your bank account within hours. Make sure you’re using quick payment methods, such as Pay N Play.

What are the perks of joining a new online casino?

One of the biggest perks is being able to claim a new welcome bonus every time you join a new site and create an account. The welcome bonus (first deposit bonus) offer is usually the most lucrative and generous.

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There's a lot of work going on behind the scenes to finalize this content. We couldn't do it without proper research, including diving deeper into articles from industry peers. Every piece of information is analyzed and verified by our team before being presented on our website.

We've worked with multiple sources across the gambling industry, resulting in the content available on The sources cited below are a good place to start if you'd like to do your own research:


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